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Three-Way Conference (Cisco Call Manager Users)

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Click to Call users on Cisco Call Manager can now conference in another party on an existing call. This functionality allows users to join an additional party on a call without the need to dial into a conference bridge. 

Setting up a Three-Way Conference

No provisioning is needed for users that use Click to Call with a Cisco Call Manager. Holding a conference call is a three-step process:
  1. On an existing call active call, the user can initiate a conference by pressing the  icon. This puts the existing call on hold so that the conference initiator can dial the number to be conferenced in. The active call then turns olive green, indicating that the call is on hold while the user initiates the conference. 
  2. The conference initiator dials the number to be conferenced in. The calls that can be conferenced onto an ongoing call are:
    • New outbound call
    • Existing calls the user has placed on Hold
    • New inbound calls
  3. To complete the conference setup process, the conference initiator must press the   icon on the held call. Once the conference is fully set up, the click to call window displays ‘Conference’ indicating that the conference is now active. 
Once a conference is in progress, the conference initiator would no longer be able to conference in another user, place the conference call on hold or perform a transfer of that call. 

Ending a Conference Call

The Click to Call user that initiates the conference call can end the conference call at any time by clicking the red handset  icon. This ends the call for all participants.

If a participant other than the conference initiator ends the call, the call goes becomes a point to point call between the conference initiator and the remaining party. 

Call Records for Three-Way Conference

The call records for a conference call would indicate that a call transfer was initiated. In a future phase, this would be enhanced to indicate that there was a conference call. 

Beep Tone on Three-Way Conference

If one of the Click to Call users on the conference call is configured for beep tone, all participants on the conference will hear the beep tone. 

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TitleThree-Way Conference (Cisco Call Manager Users)



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