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The Cloud9 Community

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The Cloud9 Community is the main feature of the C9 Trader application. Access to the Cloud9 Community allows you to connect with other firms instantly. From the Community window you can request connections to other participating firms and instantly provision new buttons, accept requests from other firms, and organize your C9 Trader buttons.

Cloud9 Community Directory
The Cloud9 Community is a list of the active firms and groups that are using the C9 Trader application. You can access this directory of firms in the Create Invitation Tab of the Community. Scroll through the list of firms or find specific firms using the search function that you are interested in doing business with. This is a public listing, however, administrators do have the option to hide your firm or group from the list.

Create Invitations
Once you’ve found a firm to connect with using the Cloud9 Community directory, you will create an invitation by selecting the Invite button and the Create and Invitation window will open (see above image).
  1. Select the group that will be connecting with the counterparty you have chosen.
  2. Choose the type of connection you wish to establish: either a shoutdown or ringdown.
  3. Use the field to name the button that will display on your C9 Trader as well as the button that will display on counterparty’s screen.
  4. Select Done to create your button.
Receiving Invitations
If an invitation has been sent to you from another counterparty, a red notification circle on the New Invitations tab with the number of invitations you have received. The invitation will show details that include:
  • Counterparty Name
  • Button Label
  • Connection Type
  • Button Users
  • Created By
  • Create Date
  • Connection ID
Click Accept to add this button to your C9 Trader. Please note, if the invitation is not accepted after 24 hours, the connection will no longer be listed in this section of the community display and will be moved to the Connections tab.

The Connections tab lists all of the connections that are available for the user to convert into active buttons. An active button can be a shoutdown or ringdown connection and can be used for internal communications within the firm, or used to communicate with traders in external firms. Search or use the column headers to sort and locate connections. Click any check box on the right to make a connection into a button.

My Buttons
The My Buttons tab in the Community window enables you to manage all of your contact buttons. On this tab you can:
  • Reorder Button Layout: Click and drag a button to change its location on your C9 Trader.
  • Relabel Buttons: Type the new name in the label field at the bottom of the screen.
  • Delete Buttons: Click the trashcan icon on any button.
  • Get Detailed Subscriber Information for Each Button: Select a button, and information including the name of the button, button type, and users that share the connection will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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