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Setting Up and Editing Users

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Setting up and managing your f­irm’s users and portal administrators can all be done from the Users tab in the grey menu bar. The following steps will you through adding, deleting and modifying the settings for the users at your firm.  

Setup New Users:
  • Select the Add User tab.
  • Enter the user's contact information.
  • Include the user’s physical location if it is different from the company’s headquarters. If United States is selected as the Country, you will be required to enter the County.
  • The user’s login name will populate as the user’s first and last name in the Login User Name field.
  • Below in the User Settings section is where you will establish:  
    • Voice Recording
    • Enhanced Metadata
    • Privacy
    • Recording Archive
    • Global Mute
    • Voice Via Web Proxy
    • Restricted IPs
  • Select Add User when the form is completed. 

Edit a User:
  • Select a user from the below table.
  • Select a setting to modify in the blue menu bar that includes:
    • User Information
    • Administrative Level
    • Buttons
    • Click to Call
    • Neighbors
    • Groups
    • Password Reset
  • ​Select Edit User if any updates have been made. 

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TitleSetting Up and Editing Users



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