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Playback and Download Recordings

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Listening and downloading a user’s call recordings can be all be done by navigating to the Recordings tab in the grey menu bar. 
  • Playback Recordings: Select a recording or search for a username to locate a specific recording. The recording will then appear at the top of the page and you can use the playback buttons to play the recording. Please note, if you click on a particular recording that says Recording Unavailable, this means that administrative rights to access the recording have not been granted. 

  • Download Recordings: Call recordings can be downloaded and saved as an .MP4 file. After selecting a recording, the blue Download File button will appear in the playback menu bar. Click this button to download the .MP4 file.

  • Download Multiple Recordings: To download multiple recordings, first select the recordings by checking the box to the left of the user’s name. Upon selecting multiple recordings, select the Download Recording(s) button in the blue menu bar above. A compressed (.zip) file will be prepared for you to download

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TitlePlayback and Download Recordings



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