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Managing Users and Administrators

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Setting up and managing your firm’s users and portal administrators can all be done from the Users tab in the grey menu bar. This screen is where you can add, delete and modify the settings for the users at your firm. 

To manage your firm's users and administrators, select the Users tab:
  • Adding Users: To add a new user click the Add User tab, and fill out the form with your user’s name, email and contact information. Please note to include the user’s physical location if it is different from the company’s headquarters. The user’s login name will populate as the user’s first and last name in the Login User Name field, which can be modified by updating this field. Below in the User Settings section is where you will establish voice recording, enhanced metadata, privacy, recording archive, global mute, voice via web proxy and restricted IP settings. 
  • Click the green Add User button when the form is completed.
  • Edit a User: Once a user is setup, you can update their user settings by selecting their name, and then clicking on the appropriate tab in the menu bar directly above the user table.  From here you can edit their administrative level, buttons, Click to Call settings, neighbors, groups, reset passwords, and edit their user information.  To edit the user’s current information, select on the user, change the appropriate fields.
  • ​Click Edit User to save your changes.

  • Administrative Privileges: To set or update a user’s administrative privileges, click the user’s name and select Edit Admin Level. Use the drop-down menu to select their administrative privilege level, the IP addresses this user can log in from, and whether two-factor login is enabled. Click here to learn more about administrator roles and levels of access.
  • ​Select Save Changes to confirm your updates. 
  • Edit Buttons: To manage the buttons that display on a user’s C9 Trader, click Edit Buttons (under the Users tab). The Mange Buttons screen will display, and from here you can edit a user’s current buttons, review connection information, and delete a button from this view. If you scroll down, you can search your firm’s existing connections.
  • ​Add a Button: To add a button from this list to a user’s list of connections, check the box or boxes on the far left. When you check the box, a corresponding button will automatically display after the most recent button added.
  • Click the Done button to save your changes.
  • Edit Neighbors: Setting up neighbors will prevent users from hearing their own voice coming through neighboring speakers (if another C9 Trader is nearby). Select a user and click on Edit Neighbors. From this screen you can add or remove a user’s neighbors.
  • ​Click Done to save your changes. 
  • Edit Groups: Edit a user’s groups by selecting a user and then clicking on the Edit Groups tab. In the left column you can add a group to a user, and in the right column you can remove a group from a user.
  • Click Done to save your changes.
  • Click to Call Settings: As part of the C9 Trader, users have access to conduct person to person calls via the Click to Call application. To setup this feature, click on a user and select the Click to Call tab. This is where you will configure the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) settings which includes network and user level settings, dialing prefix, extension, line settings, and voicemail support. You also have the ability to edit a user’s contacts under the Favorites tab. Cloud9 allows users to search for existing Microsoft Outlook contacts from the Click to Call window. 
  • Reset Users Passwords: You can change a user’s password by selecting the user and clicking Reset Password. This will automatically send an email with a temporary password where the user can then change their password upon logging in. Please note, password reset does not apply to firms that have enabled single sign-on. 
  • Delete Users: Select a user and click the Delete User tab. You will be required to confirm or cancel your request.
  • User Details: You can view more information about your firm's users by clicking on Details. This will display all information about the user including their contact information, portal settings and privileges, date of creation and timestamp of their most recent updates. Use the bottom slider to navigate.

  • Export User Details: You can export and download a file of your firm’s users and corresponding information by clicking the Export tab.  

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