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Managing Firm Connections and User Buttons

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Creating New Connections
As an administrator you can create, edit and delete connections to counterparties for your firm’s users in the Cloud9 Portal. To manage connections for your firm’s users, navigate to the Connections tab.

Add a New Connection: 

  • Select the Add Connection button.
  • Create either an Internal or External Connection: 
    • ​Internal connections allow users to connect via a shoutdown or ringdown to groups within a firm. If there are multiple groups within your firm, you can establish a ringodwn between groups. Please note, users assigned within the same group can only connect via shoutdown. 
    • External connections allow users to connect via shoutdown or ringdown to another group within your firm, or trading desk at another firm.
  • Using the drop-down menu, select a group or trading desk within your firm under Create Connection From. You will then select a group or trading desk to connect to in the Create Connection To drop-down menu.
  • Select either a Shoutdown or a Ringdown for Connection Type.  A shoutdown is a push to talk connection, whereas a ringdown requires the user to answer.
  • Label the button with the name that you want to display on your user’s screens under My Firm Button Label, and on your couterparties’ screens under Remote Firm Button Label.
  • Select the Add Connection button. Your connection will now display in a list of available buttons on the connection screen, but will display with a light pink highlight over the text to signify that the connection is not yet in use by the user or counterparty.

Assigning Connections to Users
Once connections have been created (see above) they can now be assigned to users. 

Assigning a Connection: 
  • Navigate to the Users tab in the grey menu bar, select a user, then select Edit Buttons in the blue menu bar.
  • Scroll down to the section labeled: Check Connections Below to Add.
  • Check the box next to the connection you want to add for that user, and a box will display at the top of the page representing the newly added button. This connection will now appear on the user’s C9 Trader screen once they log off and back in to the application.

Button Management
Buttons are the connections that are added to a user’s C9 Trader screen; and, by clicking on these buttons, users can connect to counterparties in seconds.  

Managing Buttons:

  • Navigate to the Users tab, select a user and click Edit Buttons. 
  • The Manage Buttons screen will display, and from here you can edit a user’s current buttons, review connection information, and delete a button from this view.
  • Scroll down to view and search your firm’s existing connections under the section: Check Connections Below to Add. 
  • To add a button from this list to a user’s list of connections, check the box or boxes on the far left, and the corresponding button(s) will automatically display after the most recent button added.
  • Select Done to save your changes. 
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TitleManaging Firm Connections and User Buttons



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