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Users of C9 Trader that are physically located next to each other can be configured as neighbors on the application on the C9 Portal, so they do not hear their neighbors’ voice coming out of their speakers when that neighbor is engaged on any shared Shoutdown buttons.

While the neighbor feature prevents voice from neighbors to be transmitted to each other on shared buttons, it does show button activity on the application as well as on the button boards. In addition, call records and recording files (with no audio) are generated for neighbors.

Users can opt into not having any activity from users configured as neighbors to be shown. If enabled, neighbors will not see any button activity on the application or on the button board on shared Shoutdowns (including Gateway connections) unless a far end counterparty engages that button.

Additionally, the button presence does not show users that are neighbors and shows only the far end counterparty or users that are not set up as neighbors. No call records or recording files are be generated for these users when only their neighbors are active on the shout down.
The ‘Working from different location’ button on the login screen disables both the neighbor feature as well as the hide neighbor activity feature.
Note that hide neighbor activity is an optional feature that can be enabled only by Cloud9 Support for existing users that are configured as neighbors. Contact us at if interested. 
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