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Users can view their call history by selecting the Call History tab on the home screen. This will display in the bottom half of the application, and displays outgoing and incoming Shoutdowns as well as outgoing, incoming, and missed Ringdowns received by the user during that session.

The window displays call history from a period of 5 minutes prior to when the window was opened. 

The columns in the Call History window display the following information:
  • Type: Icons denoting the type of call history record from the following: Incoming Shout, Outgoing Shout, Incoming Ringdown, Outgoing Ringdown, Missed Ringdown
  • Button: The button label for the user that is currently using the application
  • Current Subscribers: The last name(s) of current subscriber(s) that were logged in and available on the button at the time the call was made.
  • Callers: The last name(s) of user(s) that were speakers on the call. This list excludes the current user that is viewing the call history, if that user was a speaker on the call.
  • Time: The time at which the call was made in the user’s current time zone.
  • Duration: Length of the call.
Call History for Shoutdowns
  1. Outbound Shoutdown
  2. Inbound Shoutdown
Call History for Ringdowns 
  1. ​Missed Ringdown
  2. Outbound Ringdown
  3. Inbound Ringdown

Call History Playback: C9 Trader users that have recording enabled have the option to listen to the last two minutes of incoming Shoutdown audio by clicking the "Play" button in the upper left corner of the Call History window. 

Note: Call History playback can only be enabled only by Cloud9 Support. Users interested in this functionality can reach out to their Sales Representive or Cloud9 Support. 

The "Clear History" button erases all entries in the Call History window. 

In addition, call history is cleared when a user logs out of the application. 
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