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Building An Intercom Connection

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The Community tab is accessible from the main control panel on the C9 Trader. The intercom community available in the Community tab and is exclusively tailored to allow instant provisioning of intercom connections. The default view of the intercom community will allow users to view all trading groups available within their firm and search to create new intercom connections.

Create An Invitation
There is no additional provisioning required to create new intercom invitations and this will be available all C9 Trader Enterprise users. To create an Intercom invitation, C9 Trader users will need to navigate to the Community tab on the C9 Trader control panel then select “Create Invitation” button. By default, the user will be able to view all the trading groups available within the firm.

Similar to the search function for trading groups in the C9 Community, the user can search for individual users or trading groups to create new intercom invitations. In the search box, the user can search by entering characters for a specific user or trading group to invite. The search results will display individual users and then trading groups in alphabetically order. This will follow the rules below:
  • The users with first names that match the search characters
  • The users with last names that match the search characters
  • The trading group names that match the search characters

The user will be able to select a single user or a trading group and will be added to the invitee on the right of the C9 Trader window. Once the first invitee is added for creating a new intercom invitation, the “Create Invite” will be available.

The user can clear the invitee list to remove all selected users from the invitees list by selecting the “Remove All Invitees” button. The user will be prompted for a confirmation message before the invitee list is cleared.

The maximum number of subscribers on intercom button is 50 subscribers. If the user attempts to invite more than 49 additional subscribers as the user creating the invite is one of the subscribers, the user will be prompted with an error message “Maximum number of invitees is exceeded, please ensure you do not select more than 50 users”.

After clicking on the “Create Invite” button, the user will be prompted to enter an intercom button label for the new intercom connection. This will be the default button label. Once completed, the button will be created for user sending out the intercom invitation and the invitations will be sent to all the subscribers on the invitee list. The new intercom button will appear under the default category if the user is enabled for the category feature. Please note that the button will be in the offline state until at least one subscribers has accepted the invitation and available for an intercom call.

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